Exer-Genie’s Pulley Device Studied For Its Effectiveness In Sprint Training

Exer-Genie, the trusted portable variable isometric exerciser, was recently studied for its effectiveness in sprint training! If you want to learn how to run faster, there’s no better way than with Exer-Genie!

What do you look for when buying resisted sprint training devices? Beyond coaching expertise, you need to think of:

Training flow space (or lack thereof)

The need for performance-tracking data budget

As a coach, you need to be able to meet the needs and expectations of your client.

As an athlete, you need the right equipment to help you train smarter.

As an everyday buyer, you need the proper tools to prevent injury.

Thankfully, there is a device that has been thoughtfully designed to give you the competitive advantage you need without breaking the bank! Exer-Genie’s speed pulley device was recently featured in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, a peer-reviewed research journal. Researchers from Hofstra University and Adelphi University studied the efficacy of Exer-Genie’s pulley device in resistance training, especially for sprint runners. You can read the full article at https://coach.exergenie.com/sprint-training-exergenie/

The new speed development study found that Exer-Genie’s device produces appreciable horizontal force and resistance during sprint training. The amount of force is directly influenced by the load settings: lighter loads produce similar force values while heavier loads produce higher force. Because there is a linear relationship between the load on the device and the force produced, coaches and athletes have an easier time adjusting their equipment for better training outcomes. The researchers also found that the Exer-Genie resisted sprint training device consistently provided the desired force, regardless of how often load bearings were changed. This suggests that the speed trainer is both durable and reliable, and a high-quality sprint resistance training tool for the modern athlete.

A portable, lightweight option for athletes on the go

Exer-Genie has been helping athletes train for over 50 years, and it’s no wonder why.

Jim Warren, the President of Exer-Genie, has been on a mission to help athletes and everyday people train smarter since 1971. Together with a team of sports enthusiasts, he has designed the Exer-Genie to be as effective as possible.

Further details can be found at https://info.exergenie.com/  

Currently, Exer-Genie offers various training devices for speed and trucking, strength, recovery, and physical therapy, along with a whole range of exercise accessories. For sprint runners, Jim recommends his Speed Trainer system. There are 5 different harnesses to choose from, ranging from a 2x18m one X-Harness to a 60m with two waist harnesses.

As noted by Jim, “Overall, this study provides valuable information on the resistance applied by the Exer-Genie device in sprint training, allowing coaches and practitioners to better understand and utilize the device for training purposes.”

Go to https://shop.exergenie.com/ so you can learn more. 

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