Exercise trends and solutions come and go. Many are drawn to cutting-edge equipment and solutions because of enticing claims and exciting promises. But in the short term, disappointment and dissatisfaction are the results. Thankfully, one solution has proven its enduring effectiveness amidst this transient landscape: the Exer-Genie. It was designed and created decades ago ahead of its time, in 1961, and is the perfect solution for today’s modern lifestyle.

Exer-Genie – Simplicity + Learning = Results

As someone committed to pursuing physical fitness and wellness, I firmly believe that fitness equipment should be simple and effective for everyone, from beginners to athletes. The simple approach does not mean it is easy. It simply means there is no big learning curve, making it simple to grasp and do. And because Exer-Genie is so simple to grasp, it makes fitness, athletic movements, strength training, and skills easier and fun to develop and learn.

For example:

  • The Exer-Genie uses no weights nor plates for portability in the palm of your hand. It can load from 1-600 pounds of tension. Just find your favorite place to train and hook up.
  • The setup for Exer-Genie is simple and takes less than 30 seconds.
  • It provides convenience to eliminate excuses to do it in-home anywhere, anytime.
  • Exer-Genie versatility allows you to do resistance, cardiovascular, or sports training.

Fitness anyplace, at your pace.

Simplicity in fitness is a powerful motivator

When a workout is straightforward and doesn’t require complex instructions or a steep learning curve, you are likelier to jump in and get started. The intersection of complication and stress often gives rise to excuses that fizzle motivation quickly. The likelihood of skipping or avoiding training diminishes by keeping fitness simple and devoid of confusion and complexities.

Exer-Genie workouts are time-efficient. Knowing that a workout won’t take hours can be a strong motivator in a world where time is precious. This is especially important for individuals with busy schedules who need and want to be healthy. And you don’t need to leave your home, drive to the gym, and sit in more traffic to do it.

Exer-Genie provides consistency: Simplicity promotes consistency. Complex routines can be intimidating and blown off. Simple workouts like Exer-Genie are easier to incorporate into daily life, increasing the likelihood of regular exercise. At home, you can watch your favorite TV show and do a few sets of exercises during every commercial. When the show ends, you will have completed your workout.

Lower Mental Stress: Simplifying the fitness experience with Exer-Genie alleviates the burden of decision-making and eliminates unnecessary stressors. This allows you to focus on the joy of movement and its positive impact on your health. Intricate exercise programs or equipment can create an unconscious mental burden, exhausting you before you begin. Simplified workouts alleviate this issue, making it mentally more effortless to engage in physical activity without making you think, just do.

Adaptability of Exer-Genie: The effectiveness of Exer-Genie lies in its ability to cater to a diverse range of individuals. Whether you are a beginner looking to kickstart your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete aiming to enhance performance, Exer-Genie offers a customizable approach that adapts to your unique needs. This versatility sets it apart from other fitness solutions.

You see, exercise does not have to have a specific time to be done. You can break it down throughout your day. Many athletes do this. They train in the morning, afternoon, and night to give them time to recover and optimize conditioning. Having an Exer-Genie, you can too!

In essence, the simplicity of Exer-Genie is the antidote to the challenges posed by complicated routines and the stressors of daily life. It fosters consistency, and consistency, in turn, paves the way to tangible results. This approach has been the cornerstone of my successful training methodologies, catering to the general population and high-level athletes.

Here are some great ways I use the Exer-Genie.

The 10/12 Method – Isometric Training

The 10/12 is an ingenious isometric method invented by Exer-Genie to boost your strength, benefiting everyone. But with Exer-Genie, there is an additional benefit. Practically all isometric exercises only produce isometrics. However, Exer-Genie integrates a concentric movement after your isometric to take your strength to a greater level.

Here is how the 10/12 Method works.

  1. Choose your exercise.
  2. Load the Exer-Genie to a light resistance.
  3. Position your body for the exercise you have chosen.
  4. Wrap the line around the bar and simply secure it with your finger. Your finger will make the line immovable.
  5. Pull on the Exer-Genie. Hold the isometric position for the desired amount of time. The duration of the hold can vary depending on your fitness level. 
  6. After the isometric hold, simply reduce some tension of the line with your finger. This will allow the line to move to follow up with a 12s concentric contraction for maximum effort.
  7. Relax for 2 minutes and return to the starting position.
  8. Repeat: Repeat the exercise for multiple sets and reps.

You can also do 5-10 seconds isometric and 5-10 seconds concentric. It is up to you.

Furthermore, you can change the isometric position from the bottom to the middle or the top to train different isometric positions in your movement. This allows you to find the weak positions and provide direct, instant isometric strength training to that position.

Multiple Training Methods: No weights, No plates!

When on the court, I combine resistance training, cardio, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With the Exer-Genie, I am not limited to bodyweight exercises or traditional gym workouts; I can do both to take my training to a greater level. For example, I blend alternating back rows with Overhead Exer-Genie Pulls and add sprints while at the court.

The Exer-Genie allows me to seamlessly incorporate resistance to any exercise into my routine at home, the park, or the gym. This helps me burn more energy and boost my strength. The Exer-Genie’s design caters to multiple training methods, making it the perfect choice for me and those who want to enhance, cross-train, and diversify their workout routine. It is more than just a piece of equipment; it is a versatile gym that adapts to my fitness journey wherever I go.

Teaches You to Feel

Learning one thing simultaneously opens the door to multiple skills. The Exer-Genie is an exceptional tool for developing your awareness of alignment, muscle engagement, core stabilization, range of motion, and more.

Strong Core

The Exer-Genie helps you use your muscles and joints better while teaching you to keep your body aligned and your core braced to move. This is the foundation of proper movement and the essence of athletic power. Moreover, you will develop a strong, hard core and abdominals without doing one sit-up.


Emphasis on alignment is especially vital in averting issues such as musculoskeletal disorders stemming from a weak core, lousy posture, and poor alignment under strain. Even for those engaged in activities like fitness, no one, regardless of their level of expertise, can evade the detrimental effects of misalignment and poor posture. Maintaining good posture and alignment is critical to safeguarding optimal range of motion and functionality.

The Exer-Genie is a valuable teaching tool that strengthens your core and refines your alignment to move well. And, when you move well, free of strain or pain and risk of injury, you can increase your force and training. This simple process is excellent for all, especially athletes, to improve timing and power for various exercises and techniques to optimize sport-specific performance.

It’s a holistic approach beyond just building muscle in one area of the body.

Athletic Workouts

When it comes to enhancing my sprint ability and taking my athleticism to the next level, I rely on Exer-Genie. This innovative training method enables me to focus on developing horizontal force, which is not readily achievable through traditional gym or field workouts. For instance, I will do heavy resisted sprints using the Exer-Genie for 10 seconds. This supercharges my muscles and body. It targets muscles from the ground up through the core to the top of my head, providing tension rarely achievable in an athletic setting. Then, I rest for 20 seconds and sprint without resistance. These two exercises together have a high cross-training effect in boosting your sprint speed for any sport. This approach optimally stimulates the nervous system for the sprint, resulting in heightened explosiveness for the subsequent non-resisted sprint, where I can sprint faster. You can use Exer-Genie in this way for any exercise.

Best Fitness Solution

In my fitness journey, the Exer-Genie has emerged as a transformative solution. Its integration with basic and top fitness methodologies, from fitness to sports, makes it a comprehensive and indispensable tool. The Exer-Genie has become a staple in my training for sprinting, cardiovascular, and strength training. Exer-Genie simply empowers you to prioritize your well-being through physical strength and fitness by removing the complexity barriers.

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Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly

Jason goes beyond the conventional by seamlessly integrating philosophy, training, and physiology. His commitment ensures that each individual embarks on a journey of self-discovery, striving for greatness, and developing into a better version of themselves. He has authored five books and actively shares his wealth of knowledge on a global scale.