(Dave, 39)

The Exer Genie is a fantastic device.

I am in the UK and had never heard of the Exer Genie until I stumbled across the website looking for Isokinetic training devices.

I purchased the device in the summer (2015) and using a little differently to suggested, but that is the beauty of this device, it has so many uses it is literally only limited by the users imagination.

I am training for strength [and size] and wanted to see how quickly I could increase strength, as opposed to weight lifting. I have used this item religiously six days per week for the last half year or so. In this time I have increased in strength at an incredible rate – and showing no signs of plateau as yet. I do however mix up the order and the exercise that I do per body part and the time under tension.

I alternate days, one day I do upper body and the next day lower body. I do a 10-15 second isometric contraction and literally give it all that I have got, maximal effort. I then have the resistance dialled up as high as I am able to take it and do a long full effort single rep – which will take typically 30 seconds. This is unbelievably hard when set right and I do this 3 times for each exercise. A muscle at the end of this is finished: For example if doing a chest press or fly I am incapable of doing more than a couple of push ups afterwards. I do not hold the trailing line as the level of force that I am putting through is easier without doing so – for me personally. I take up to a 20 second break between sets in order to keep the heart rate escalated and this torches fat.

I have trained for years in the past, primarily in gyms, boxing club or military training (Navy). Nothing works like this device, and weights never can for the simple reason that even with a spotter you cannot train up to the level of muscle failure that you can with this device. Also, you can breakdown muscle tissue with just three sets and would take about 12 sets with weights. The muscles are sore the next day every single time, but after 48 hours with the right diet they are ready to be assaulted again, without fear of overtraining.

I am not young any more (not old either, but 39) and after 3 months of using this my wife pointed out to me that I am in the best shape of my life.

To make comparable to somebody that is weight training [with iron] I have been eating carefully, very minimal alcohol and eating a very high protein diet. After using this device I will never go back to weight lifting as it just does not feel the same.

I wish that I had have discovered many years ago!

As a footnote, I recommend people mix in exercises using single arms that force your body to work against rotation, such as one arm presses or rows – and flys, which are best done anchored under the door and lying on the floor. You will not need or want any sit ups after doing this as will develop a highly visible six pack in less time than any other method I have encountered.

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