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Every Trainer and Coach with a webpage should understand his marketing, period. No complicated stuff, the simple designs work!

But it has to be under control and needs to be adjusted on a regular basis. What does this mean? You need to know how many visitors your page gets from what sources and what journey these potential clients take until they either leave the page (= bad) or perform a desired action (= good).

The kind of action depends on your business. Maybe you want people from your area to simply call you, maybe you prefer messenger, skype or an email. Perhaps you have an automated reply setup and get back to them, wonderful.

Whatever your setup is: You need to know if it’s really working for you! If you do not track you may just need one little tweak to shift from a few client actions to many actions per day (= more clients or sales for you).

To be able to do that you need trackable links and a way to present the data they may deliver in an actionable way. Sounds easy. Ever had a look at your google analytics? All the data you will ever need. And much more. That leads to frustration and is for most of us a total overkill. Especially when you like to be outside with your athletes and clients.

The solution is simple: Develop and Track your funnels from one visual platform! All you need to learn and do is

  • how to create UTM links (done with one sheet, rest is copy/paste)
  • how to use a link shortener
  • copy a script and install it on your page (best with a free plugin)

Now you can easily build your funnel and start to understand how visitors flow through it, without complex analytics tools. You can track your goals and conversion rates across your funnel steps and impress yourself (and clients). You will save a lot of time deciding what needs to be adjusted and where your online presence should evolve next.

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The tool I personally use (for all Exer-Genie Marketing) and recommend has a free and a paid version. You can develop and design your funnel with the free version. If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee, you simply need to dig into your analytics and copy the numbers on the steps of the funnel. If you just have one page to take care of this shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you want to see your stats in the visualized funnels you have to choose the paid version.

So, take action and start to funnelize your marketing! It is like training – you just get better by doing it, measure the results, adjust the plan and repeat. 

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