A small variable muscle control system invented in the late 1960s is one of the best-choice systems due to its timeless portable, durable and affordable design. The unquestioned methods as resisted running and the 10/12 isometric & concentric max-rep contraction used by high-level coaches make it irreplaceable for Speed, Fitness and Strength Training. It has its unique applications in sports specific, foundational, recreational and competitive training settings. An Olympian Level Sprint Tool for Home Workout.

Several well known highly paid Sprint Coaches including Jonas Dodoo (UK, London), Nabie Fofanah (USA, Los Angeles, Michael Ray Garvin (USA, Katy), Lee Taft (USA, Greenwood) and Kerry Bennet (USA, Beaumont) are using the systems in their workouts to increase the running speed of their athletic clients. They present themselves on the Coach Blog and in the Exer-Genie Academy by offering training workshops and online coaching. Most of them use the little cylinder with the long line as sled or parachute replacement to generate horizontal resistance. A growing number of athletes among them olympian champion Kikkan Randall are recognizing its roots and most efficient field of application: Being a little machine that is light and small enough to be taken everywhere you go to give your body the safe high-intensity stimuli it needs to function reliable, smooth and free of pain.

The Exer-Genie (weighing about 14oz or little less than 400gr) is the unit that gives variable resistance up to 600 lbs (which can’t be moved by the biggest strongman using the system for truckpull-preparation and other exercises) and can be compared with gravity dependend weight itself – which also can be used in endless ways. It does this by wrapping special woven rope around a high-quality chromed metal shaft with a “twist of the wrist” inside a heat resistant protective cylinder. Workout with Friction instead of Gravity!

Team America Health & Fitness, Inc. – a Thousand Oaks based company lead by Jim Warren – is responsible for the high quality of production and service. Basic Education and Training is provided in the Exer-Genie Academy though the usage options grow infinitely with the users understanding of his own anatomy and energy systems. Therefore the Academy only points in the direction to go. It is not a step-by-step program to follow with the brain turned off. The Academy encourages its free and paid members to comprehend and appreciate themselves more each day and adapt the usage of the system accordingly to their own needs, may those be speed & sprint in track & field, football or maintaining health being free of pain.

​​​​​​The insider-secret (thanks to the big marketing budgets of the fitness industry it will stay a secret) has an incredible rich history and countless options to be used, sprint and speed enhancement being a part of it. Jim Warren, personally coaching athletes on the Exer-Genie in the Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, however sees its advantages in the simple but regular integration in a daily health care routine: “The training with the Exer-Genie is independent of age (some longtime users are in their late 80s for a reason), place and time (that is why it was used in some Apollo flights): You just need the classic system with the short line, very little space and 20 minutes every other day. My secret to speed & longevity: A simple efficient regular workout routine.”

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Jim Warren
Jim Warren

Inspiring people to take a good look at the direction of their lives is Jim's mission. He is one of the nation’s leading physical fitness advocates. His message dramatizes the danger that physical inactivity and obesity is having on each of us because of our automated society. The central theme of his programs is personal wellness and the choice that can protect the most precious gift we have, our health. Jim is the President of Exer-Genie.