Hey guys welcome this is Lee Taft. Hey you caught me just getting ready to do it really quick drill with the Exer-Genie one of my favorite tools to use for power production force production and strength, outstanding to a real quick to watch I’m going to grab my belt out of my bag real simple to get on and simply been a strap and I’m real fast I get two hooks one goes to my belt and the other goes to my rope I just forgotten and I’m ready to go. I’ve already put my dial I’m where I want I’m going to go about 10 pounds was pretty decent tension for me to work on this skill. So now what I’m going to show you my favorite drill to do with the Exer-Genie and it’s called a lunch step or a crossover or what we like to call it running step. Okay so we’ll start here. Now when I am done I can come up I can grab the other one for I can take this

1:00 Give it to my partner it’s their turn to go really really fast transition I don’t the load anything all I gotta do is change the dial if my partner stronger or weaker than myself. The Exer-Genie is the tool to use. If you want to increase speed and power, no doubt, check the link below if you want to learn more about the journey and I guarantee you will be the best year ever.