Better Swing Precision using Muscle Tension Control System

The Golf Swing Accuracy and Precision Course is available at Golf Clubs in the area of Thousand Oaks. Interested Golfers are encouraged to sign up for the next course with Jim Warren. The content will be prepared for the Online Academy and can be viewed anywhere that internet access is available. Lifetime access is included in the price of the course.

If you only want to book the online version of the course make sure to subscribe to the Academy.

Who is it for?

  • Golfers from occasional to pro level

What is covered in the Golf Accuracy Course?

  • Coordinated lessons that teach golfers the specific muscle tension skills and exercises
  • (In preparation) a series of online-video training exercises

How is it done?

  • With 5 minutes every other day using a scientific method to improve control and power request in the muscles with the help of a small variable muscle control system. We are working on the exact muscles used for swing accuracy.

Why should you do it?

  • To better your swing accuracy in a short period of time
  • To get the required stimuli into your muscles with one of the most efficient methods out there
  • To give you more time for the driving range and the golf course
  • To let you benefit from a method that you can do everywhere

If you have a problem to get the ball to land where you want it to you need to work on your muscle tension control. Teach your muscles to move the club with minimal deviations each time you swing it. You need to learn and implement the knowledge and experience made available in this Golf Swing Accuracy Course.

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